Whole body is in pigments and wrinkles! 77-year-old Goldie Hawn’s body in a bikini caused a stir

«What a shame! Someone tell her that she is an elderly grandma!»🤢Goldie, 77, disappointed fans by showing off her body in bodysuit with countless flaws🥴😮It’s terrible, see for yourself here👇👇👇

We would like to remind you that Goldie Hawn, once one of the most beautiful celebrities, is already 77. Recently, photos of her in a bodysuit on the beach appeared on the Internet, which disappointed her loyal fans. All of her skin was wrinkled and had lost its elasticity.

Despite this, Goldie proudly showed off her body in front of many people and immediately attracted attention. Internet users began to discuss her and say that she is too old for such outfits.

Many loyal fans tried to defend their favorite star and, on the contrary, argued that at the age of 77 she looked great.

«The skin is terrible and there are numerous wrinkles!», «Many people dream of looking like this at 77 years old!», «What a shame!», «Women your age should only spend time with their grandchildren!», Internet users wrote.