Where is that chubby girl? What John Travolta’s daughter looks like today.

Often, children of celebrities follow in the footsteps of their parents, but sometimes they choose a completely different path. Ella Blue Travolta, the 22-year-old daughter of a famous American actor , entered the first category, because she is actively trying herself as an actress. Ella is making good progress. And she can already be called an independent star. It’s incredible how quickly sweet Ella has grown up . It seems that recently fans were looking at her childhood photos on the famous dad’s social networks. And now Ella appears more and more often at various events. There is no doubt: she will conquer the star party.

What 22-year-old Ella Blue Travolta looks like

Ella recently attended a Neiman Marcus brand party. The girl loudly declared herself, and now she constantly fuels the public’s interest with her social appearances. Previously , Ella was called a copy of her father . Now see for yourself. Do you recognize the features of John Travolta in Ella’s appearance?

By the age of 22, Ella had already developed an elegant style . At the party she wore a black laconic dress. The girl emphasized her waist and overall slender figure with a Dior belt. An interesting addition to the look was a knitted cardigan with buttons, which Ella threw over her shoulders. You might immediately think that this is a dress with a cape, but no. This is a regular cardigan.

A girl’s success in cinema

Of course, John Travolta helped his daughter take her first steps in big cinema. So, three years ago she made her debut in the film “The Poisonous Rose” . This is an American-Italian thriller in which Ella’s colleagues on the set were, in addition to her father, Morgan Freeman, Kat Graham, Brendan Fraser and other celebrities. Not a bad application for success, don’t you agree?


But Ella doesn’t want to sit under her dad’s wing all the time. She is trying to make her own way in acting . So, Ella will soon play in a new film – an unusual version of Alice in Wonderland. Events will take place in Europe. Alice, who will be played by Ella Travolta, will meet the Mad Hatter William. Adventures await them in Budapest at night. It is also known that Russian model and actress Sasha Luss will appear in this film. In her image we will see many references to the image of the Red Queen.

Mom would be proud of Ella

We’re all about Ella’s dad. Mom would also be endlessly proud of her daughter. But, unfortunately, actress Kelly Preston, Ella’s mother and John’s wife, passed away in 2020 . She had cancer. Kelly never got to see how triumphantly her only daughter began her journey in the film industry. And John now has to cope with the role of a single father .

We are sure that Ella will soon make herself known even more loudly. She has every chance of becoming not only a famous actress, but also a heart-winner.