Where is modesty, Kidman? The way Kidman appeared at the premiere raised everyone’s eyebrows

Married men are not allowed to see this! 🫢🔥 Kidman wore a revealing dress at the premiere and left no room for imagination! 🫠😍 See her scandalous outfit in this article! 👇👇👇

For her appearance at the premiere of «Expats», N. Kidman gave her preference to a revealing sleek black gown with an open back and high slit. As a perfect complement, she wore sparkling jewelry.


Her extraordinary appearance caused controversy and escaped no one’s special attention. Apart from the spiciness of the outfit, people also paid much attention to her extreme tininess which raised everyone’s eyebrows.

She has not once admitted that she is genuinely grateful for her mother and grandmother for their sense of style and fashion. She considers them true fashion icons who have always served as the biggest inspiration for the Hollywood actress.