Tom Holland and Zendaya humorously shared about the interesting height difference when co-starring in “Spider-Man”

On the evening of December 3, the hottest couple in Hollywood entertainment today, Tom Holland and Zendaya, appeared together in an interview on “The Graham Norton Show”. During the show, the “Spider-Man” couple made everyone laugh by recounting a funny incident involving their height difference.

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The 25-year-old beauty added, “There is a special scene where Spider-Man hugs me and we swing on top of the bridge, then he puts me there.” Zendaya also revealed that in that scene, Tom would “gently” place her on the bridge before moving away. She went on: “Because of our height difference, when we both landed, my feet obviously hit the ground first.” him.”

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It is known that the “Sand Planet” star is approximately 5 centimeters taller than her boyfriend.The 25-year-old actor concluded the story with a humorous statement: “I am a superhero. I need to look cool. She would land first, and then I would land in a unique way. My legs would dangle from below, and she would grab me.” The two also attempted to recreate their landing, with Zendaya holding one of Tom Holland’s legs and his arm around her shoulders for support.

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Zendaya went on to say that, while Tom Holland may not be the “super cool” hero, he is still the “coolest” Spider-Man guy and is an excellent choice for the role. The couple’s interview comes just days after being seen together at the 2021 Ballon d’Or Awards in Paris on Tuesday. Although they were seen posing for photos together, the “Spider-Man” couple chose not to walk the red carpet together.