‘Thorn Birds’ Rachel Ward Looks ‘Stunning’ at 65 – She Found Love With a Co-Star & Is a Doting Grandma

Renowned American actress Rachel Ward gained fame through her role in the 1983 series “The Thorn Birds.”

Despite being in her mid-60s, fans argue that she hasn’t aged much since her iconic appearance in the series.

Ward not only found fame in “The Thorn Birds” but also love. She and her husband, Bryan Brown, met on set, and their on-screen romance evolved into a real-life connection.

Playing the lead in the series, with Bryan Brown as her on-screen husband, their fictional relationship blossomed into reality, although their initial attraction was “basic.”

Married for four decades, Ward and Brown’s enduring love story began a few months after the filming of “The Thorn Birds” concluded.

Ward, grateful for the opportunities the show brought into her life, particularly values the enduring marriage with Brown.

While shooting together, Brown read Ward’s palm, predicting she would have three children. Later, he humorously clarified that he didn’t specify they would be his.

Their decision to marry had an unconventional origin. During a heated argument in Ireland, Brown suggested that if they were going to argue so intensely, they might as well get married. They tied the knot in Ward’s childhood home before settling in Sydney, Australia.

Celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary in April 2023, Ward and Brown have openly shared the secrets of their enduring and happy marriage. Ward, at 65, continues to showcase ageless beauty.

In February 2023, Ward shared a photo from the premiere of her movie “Rachel’s Farm” at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. Fans marveled at her stunning appearance, with some describing her as a “goddess” and “fantastic.”

Beyond her acting career, Ward, along with Brown, built a family. They have two daughters, Rosie and Matilda, and a son named Joe, all of whom pursued acting. Matilda also ventured into directing.

Matilda, at 36, has credits in “Lessons from the Grave” and “How God Works.” Rosie, at 39, appeared in “Luther,” “Black Mirror,” and “See How They Run.” Joe, 31, starred in “Rake” and “Let’s Talk About.”

Proud grandparents, Ward and Brown welcomed their first grandchild, Zan, in 2019, delivered with Brown in the room, an unexpected yet cherished moment.

Despite careers slowing down and children finding their paths, Ward and Brown’s marriage remains strong. They cherish moments spent with family, treating them as sacred.

The couple, now with more time on their hands, shares a passion for horseback riding. This shared interest has taken them to various locations worldwide, from Bulgaria to Canada and Israel, with plans for more horseriding trips, even in New Zealand.

Beyond outdoor activities, the couple enjoys cozy nights watching British TV shows. Brown jokingly shared his philosophy for a lasting marriage, advising men to always say ‘Yes’ to their wives and, if anything goes wrong, say ‘It’s my fault.’

This philosophy, coupled with shared passions and a deep love, has contributed to Ward and Brown’s enduring marriage. The couple often showcases their happiness and love on social media, where Ward proudly displays her husband, emphasizing their beautiful and lasting connection.