This is what inside looks like of ‘dystopian’ apartment block where its 20,000 residents never need to go outside

If, like me, you can never seem to find the energy to get dressed properly and walk to the shops even if your local is only 10 minutes down the road, then fear not, because there’s an apartment complex in China which you don’t ever actually have to leave to survive.

Oh, and despite around 20,000 people living there, there’s apparently enough room for 30,000, so you could be in with a chance of joining the ‘small town’.

Yasmin – who goes by @official_yasmin – took to her TikTok page yesterday (7 February) to reveal her experience walking around the Regent International Center – a 675ft tall, 260,000 square metre space located in Hangzhou’s central business district Qianjiang Century City.

She explains: “The building was initially planned as a six-star hotel but has become a shared apartment complex.”

However, it’s not just apartments which lay in wait inside for the content creator.

The building certainly looks swanky. Credit: TikTok/ @yasminvroon
The building certainly looks swanky. Credit: TikTok/ @yasminvroon

The camera pans around to show a glistening marble entrance room with bulbs cascading from the ceiling and people walking around – it looks like an entrance to a castle.

On the 32nd floor, there’s a restaurant and anyone can book a table there, the TikToker adds.

On top of this, there are medium-sized supermarkets, nail salons, barber shops, a fitness center, swimming pool and a food court – the complex has really thought about everything.

Although, the one thing you won’t get if you decide to live in the apartment block is some proper fresh air – so you wouldn’t necessarily want to take it up on the option of never leaving.

One TikToker said: “That’s crazy plumbing must be.”

“Oh My…! One building is a small town… 30,000 people live there… Wow!” another added.

A third commented: “Imagine how long you would need to wait for an elevator.”

“Living in Hangzhou for 10 years.. Never knew this place,” a fourth wrote.

And a final resolved: “If you work in that restaurant and live in the same building; are you working from home?”

Well, if you were interested in finding out and testing the block for yourself – your interest peaked by the idea of never having to venture outside into the big, wide, scary world ever again – then your luck is in, because there are several apartments in the block available online.

Jimdo Free has listed two flats in the building on its website both going for around €800 a month. So, what do you say?