There is no longer the same charm! Katharine Ross has turned 83 and she has been changed beyond recognition

It’s impossible to believe that she was men’s dream!»😱🙄Here’s how time and years have changed the ideal woman Ross😒😢From former beauty nothing has left, see for yourself here⬇️⬇️⬇️

Katharine Juliet Ross became famous for her role in the film «The Graduate», where she played with Dustin Hoffman. The talented actress received a Golden Globe and an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

At the beginning of her successful career, Ross took part in various films, but becoming an actress in the 1960s was not easy. She recalls auditioning for a role in Samuel Goldwyn Jr.’s only feature film, «The Young Lovers»․ Although Peter Fonda was chosen to play the lead role, but he couldn’t attend the screen test so someone else was chosen. I had her hair cut several times to match Sam’s plans». This episode was the starting point for an astonishing new period that would later give birth to the independent film movement.

Currently, Ross and actor Sam Elliott have been happily married for almost 40 years. Before marrying Elliott, she was married four times and finally found true love.

At first Elliott didn’t have the courage to approach her. However, working together on a film attracted their mutual attention, starting one of the most beautiful love stories.

After the birth of their daughter, they starred together in many films. Elliott believes they simply enjoy working creatively together. «It’s wonderful. When you will come home with colleagues it’s very different from the atmosphere of coming home with you wife. It’s a truly amazing experience»․

Elliott previously emphasized that the secret to a long and happy marriage lies in similar values and active time spent together. He emphasizes the importance of overcoming all difficulties together.