“The Departed” star Jack Nicholson does his best for his five children. In his late 80s he keeps very close bond with his youngest “fabulous” blonde daughter and handsome son.

Single Jack Nicholson, 85, does his best for his five children, especially the youngest daughter and son.

In 2023, it turns out he has a 6th child, a daughter, whom he doesn’t want to accept.

All details with photos about his fatherhood revealed.

Famous movie star, Jack Nicholson, has been a Hollywood staple for many years and has been incredibly successful in the movie industry. However, he also has a home life that is just as fulfilling for him.

Nicholson is the father of five children, and he loves being a father. He tries to make as much time as possible for all his children, even though he is busy with his career. He spends most of his time with his youngest children.

Jack Nicholson and kids Lorraine Broussard and Raymond Broussard at the "Jack Frost" Westwood Premiere on December 5, 1998 | Source: Getty Images

Nicholson’s children are Jennifer, Caleb, Honey, Lorraine, and Ray. The youngest are Lorraine and Ray. While Nicholson is single, he has praised his children’s mothers, saying they were wonderful and mentioning that they co-parent well together.

Talking about how he spends his time with his children, Nicholson says he tries to be a good influence for his children without being overbearing. He wants his children to find out who they are on their own.

The actor said that he did things with his children that they might not enjoy, like going to the opera, because he knew that it would help them become well-rounded when they got older.

He also shared that he read to his children from the time they were children, as he believed it built a bond and helped the children develop. His daughter, Jennifer, shared her feelings about her father, saying:

“I like being Jack Nicholson’s daughter, and I’m proud of him.”

While reading and the opera are essential activities to Nicholson and his children, he also likes to do things with them that err on the side of fun and games rather than culture. Usually, he does this by attending LA Lakers basketball games.

Olympus Fashion Week Spring 2005 - Jennifer Nicholson - Backstage Jack Nicholson, daughter Jennifer Nicholson, designer and her son Sean | Source: Getty Images

Nicholson has often been seen courtside at Lakers games, and his children join him at some of the games. He is often seen with his daughter, Lorraine, and son, Ray, at the Lakers games. He was last seen at a Lakers game with Ray in 2020.

The actor also includes his children in special Hollywood occasions, like in 2007, when Nicholson and his daughter dressed up and attended the Golden Globe Awards together, where they walked the red carpet.

The Truth is That Nicholson Has One More Child
Nicholson has been in many relationships which resulted in his children. However, there was one relationship, 30 years ago, that resulted in a child that Nicholson wasn’t as open about as he was about his other children.

In 1993, a waitress, Jennine Gourin, revealed that she and Nicholson had had an affair. She became pregnant, with Nicholson offering to pay all her hospital bills and care for her and the child financially.

In August 1994, Gourin and Nicholson’s daughter was born. Nicholson sent Gourin flowers, and she confirmed:

“Jack was my first love. I thought he loved me. I had the best time of my life with him.”

The pair met while Gourin was waitressing at an exclusive Hollywood nightclub called “The Monkey Bar.” They had been seeing each other in secret for months before Gourin confirmed she was carrying Nicholson’s child.

Abandoned Daughter Breaks Silence in 2023
Thirty years after she was born, Nicholson’s son with Gourin, Tessa, broke her silence about being abandoned by her father emotionally. She revealed that she had flown out to see him several times when she was younger, but they were never close. She said they “never had a relationship.

Tessa confirmed that she and her father had met at her mother’s insistence, but it was clear to her that her father “wanted no part in [her] life.” She likened her interactions with her father to being on a date and knowing the other person wasn’t interested.

The young woman admitted that although it has taken her a while to understand why her father made the decision he did, she holds no resentment toward him. She also said she doesn’t hide the fact that Nicholson is her father.

She said that many people have absent fathers, and the suffering is not exclusive to her. However, she has come to be interested in her father in recent years and learned what she needed to know from watching YouTube videos.

Tessa acknowledged that she and her father shared some character traits, and she wished they could have shared their love for the arts. She then said:

“In the end, he’s a celebrity with whom I just happen to share DNA.”

While Tessa said she knows how talented her father is, it is frustrating to read about herself in the press because of the way she is referred to as if she is not Nicholson’s child, with words like “alleged.”

Tessa confirmed that being referred to as Nicholson’s “illegitimate” child was aggravating because she does not feel like she is something to be ashamed of. She is a legitimate child, as much as Nicholson’s other children.

She said that although her father had never publicly acknowledged that she was his biological child, she exists and is his child, whether he liked it or not. She said:

“I’ve grown up feeling like I have to apologize for existing, and it’s exhausting.”

Jack Nicholson during The 78th Annual Academy Awards - Red Carpet at Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California, United States | Source: Getty Images

While there are things from her childhood and early adulthood that have hurt her in terms of her father, Tessa has forged ahead and made a beautiful life for herself.

Tessa’s Acting Talent and Beauty Amazes People
Tessa has grown up and built an artistic identity all her own while honoring the fact that her father is also creatively talented. While her primary creative outlet is acting, she is also a ceramicist.

She admitted that it is frustrating to be a celebrity child to Nicholson and not have the benefits that others receive. She acknowledged that Hollywood is built on connections, and her father not acknowledging her has made her career more challenging.

However, Tessa wants to make it clear that she is talented enough that she will land the roles she yearns for without the scandal of her birth playing a role in that. She is already well on her way to securing the roles she wants.

She has amassed a significant following on Instagram and followers have noticed how beautiful and talented she is. She once posted videos of herself on Instagram, and her followers immediately began complimenting her.

One follower said she had watched the videos repeatedly and Tessa should consider acting. Another said she hoped Tessa would become a “mega superstar.” One woman simply remarked how pretty Tessa was.

She received similar comments on a photo she posted. Followers said she was beautiful, and one even said she looked like a goddess and that he was in love. Many other similar comments flood her posts.