Susan Lucci’s daughter, Liza Huber, “just froze” after learning that her son, Brendan, would live with a disability for the rest of his life.

Susan Lucci’s daughter, Liza, celebrates her birthday in a circle with her husband and four kids.

Liza learned about her son’s diagnosis and was shocked.

Susan Lucci is proud of her daughter for sharing her son’s diagnosis.

Susan Lucci is famous for her role in daytime television soap operas and has become a household name. She also built a beautiful family for herself, welcoming two children.

Susan and her husband, Helmut Huber, welcomed a daughter named Liza and a son named Andreas together. Her daughter recently celebrated her birthday and was surrounded by her family.

Liza Huber's Instagram story on her 48th birthday in 2023 | Source:

Liza celebrated her 48th birthday this week and marked the occasion by sharing an Instagram story. She smiled in a selfie as she said, “And just like that, I’m 48.” Her family were with her on the day.

Susan’s Daughter, Liza, Celebrated Her Birthday in A Circle of Her Husband and Four Children
Liza Huber followed in her mother’s acting footsteps and became a soap opera actress. Starting in 1999, she starred as Gwen Hotchkiss in “Passions.” She was then chosen as Miss Golden Globe in 2000.

When her run on “Passions” ended in 2008, Liza took a break from the screen and became the business owner of Sage Spoonfuls. The company is centered around selling tools that assist babies in eating.

Now, Liza is more focused on her family and celebrated her 48th birthday with her husband and her four children. She shared her Instagram stories during the past week to share her celebrations.

Her first photo showed her and her family on board a plane. The family smiled at the camera as they sat in their respective seats. She completed the post with an emoji of an airplane.

48 that year. After their travels had been completed, Liza switched to sharing photos of her family enjoying vacation activities.

The first vacation activity that Liza shared with her followers was of her husband in the pool with her children surrounding him. Each of her family members smiled at the camera as one of her sons donned a pair of swim goggles.

Liza Huber's Instagram story on her 48th birthday in 2023 | Source:

Liza also shared a photo of herself and her husband smiling at the camera. Liza wore a pair of sunglasses, and her husband wore a cap to protect their faces from the sun. They appeared happy.

Liza’s husband is an excellent father to their children. On Father’s Day last year, Liza took to Instagram to share photos of her husband and their children throughout the years and said how wonderful he was.

She mentioned his arms were always open to hug their children, his smile encouraged his children, and that his love for them had been felt every day. She then said that their life was better because he was in it.

Liza ended the post by saying she was sending love to all the fathers, grandfathers, and uncles worldwide who were celebrating the day. Many of Liza’s followers said the photos were terrific and her husband seemed like a great father.

When Liza Learned About Her Son’s Diagnosis
Liza and her tech executive husband, Alex Hesterberg, have four children; three boys named Royce, Brendan, and Mason and one daughter named Hayden. Yet when Liza was pregnant with Brendan, she said she knew there was something wrong.

At 31 weeks pregnant, Liza said she was in excruciating pain so bad that she almost couldn’t move. Brendan was born that night, nine weeks early. He weighed a measly 4 lbs and was immediately rushed to the NICU.

Almost a week after his birth he was placed on a ventilator when he stopped breathing. Liza was afraid her son wasn’t going to live through the ordeal. He was later diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Liza was so shocked by the news that she “just froze” all she could do was cry. While she was upset by his diagnosis, she said she was simply glad he had the ability to walk, which many other children with cerebral palsy do not.

Liza said she realized something was wrong with her son when he was tripping and falling regularly and she couldn’t understand what was causing him to do that.

She said she tried to hide his diagnosis for many years, but realized it made her son think he had something to be ashamed of, which he does not. She now says she wants him to feel good and proud for overcoming challenges.

Susan is Proud of Her Daughter: They Walked the Red Carpet Together with Her Grandson
Susan recently said she is very proud of her daughter for speaking about him publicly and with pride. She said that by Liza opening up about her son, it has shown him that he should be proud of himself.

Susan Lucci, Brendan Hesterberg and Royce Alexander Hesterberg attend the UCP of NYC 70th Anniversary Celebration Gala at New York Hilton Midtown on March 9, 2017 in New York City | Source: Getty Images

Susan also mentioned that it was wonderful for Brendan to know that his family was proud of him, no matter what he was going through and that he would always have the support of those around him.

Now, the family members are proud to share Brendan’s life achievements and attend red carpet events together to show off how proud they are of the young man and everything he has done.