Retired couple booked 51 back-to-back cruises because it’s cheaper than living in retirement home

Onboard the Coral Princess, Jess and Marty became legendary passengers, forming close bonds with the ship’s staff. Ren van Rooyen, the hotel manager, describes them as a second family, highlighting the special relationship they’ve cultivated during their extended cruise.

The Economics of Retirement Afloat

The Ansen’s cruising lifestyle has revealed an interesting revelation – it is more cost-effective than residing in a retirement home. Challenging traditional retirement planning, the couple found that their daily needs are met on the ship, providing an affordable and fulfilling alternative.

A Daily Routine of Adventure

While some may tire of the sea after a week, Jess and Marty maintain a healthy and entertaining daily routine. Starting each day with an hour of table tennis, they infuse fun and fitness into their adventure. Their routine serves as the perfect warm-up for indulging in the cruise’s sumptuous buffets.

Lifelong Dreamers

With over 450 days of continuous cruising, Jess and Marty remain committed to this unique way of life. If given the chance, they express their desire to continue their voyages indefinitely. Their story exemplifies the notion that retirement can be an opportunity to live one’s dreams to the fullest.

In the later years of life, Marty and Jess Ansen have found an unconventional yet rewarding path to retirement, showcasing the possibilities that arise when breaking from tradition and pursuing one’s dreams. Their dream involves endless horizons and the vast expanse of the open sea.

Explore their remarkable journey in the video below: