Priscilla Presley’s Teen Granddaughter Looks Like ‘Nona’s Twin’ in New Photo, Leaving Fans Amazed

Capturing hearts with a simple photo, Priscilla Presley’s granddaughter showcased a striking family resemblance. Fans are in awe as history seems to repeat itself in the visage of the next generation.

Amid the glamour and intrigue of celebrity families, the Presley lineage remains a focal point of fascination, now more so with the youngest generation mirroring the iconic matriarch’s physical features. Recently, Priscilla Presley’s granddaughter, Harper Lockwood, captured the attention of many people with an Instagram post.

Harper Lockwood at the Handprint Ceremony honoring Three Generations of Presley's in Hollywood, California on June 21, 2022 | Source: Getty Images

“Nona’s twin 😍,” one fan wrote in the photo’s comment section, and another remarked, “Wow looks just like Cilla here❤️.” Someone else echoed the sentiment, saying, “You look so much like your Nona in this picture 💕,” spotlighting the generational reflection between Harper and her grandmother.

Priscilla’s connection with her granddaughters, Harper and her twin sister Finley Lockwood, is not just limited to shared genes but is enriched with love and pride. In 2017, Priscilla shared her joys of having twin granddaughters.

“It’s great, it’s absolutely great. I love it, I love it,” she expressed about the “wonderful children,” Finley and Harper’s distinct personalities. This familial bond took a deeper meaning in February of the same year when Priscilla revealed she had stepped in to care for the twins amid previous challenging family circumstances involving the twins’ father, Michael Lockwood.

In 2019, Priscilla marveled at the twins’ adeptness with technology and their budding understanding of their grandfather, Elvis Presley’s, legacy. Despite their young age, Harper and Finley show a respectful and sweet acknowledgment of their heritage, especially when encountering their grandfather’s music in public settings.

Priscilla and Elvis Presley on their wedding day in Las Vegas, Nevada on  May 1, 1967 | Source: Getty Images

Priscilla and Elvis Presley on their wedding day in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 1, 1967 | Source: Getty Images

The recent Instagram snapshot of Harper not only reignited public intrigue in the Presley family’s ongoing story but also highlighted the enduring legacy of Priscilla Presley through her lookalike granddaughter.

As previously reported on December 18, 2023:

Finley Aaron Love Lockwood on her Instagram story on December 16, 2023 |

Named in homage to her legendary grandfather, Finley, now 15, recently took to Instagram to display a glimpse of her life. On December 16, she shared a rare photo on her Instagram story, showcasing her blonde hair and striking cat-eye makeup.

The Lockwood twins, raised largely away from the public eye, had a brief moment in the spotlight when they were just three months old. Their mother introduced them to the world at that tender age through a heartfelt photo session.

Despite their family’s immense fame, Lisa-Marie opted for a more private upbringing for her daughters, which has shaped their discreet presence in the public domain.