Princess Catherine & Prince William Seen Together for the 1st Time in Months, Looking Like ‘Charles & Di’

In a highly anticipated moment, Princess Catherine and Prince William were publicly seen together for the first time since her surgery in January. This appearance quelled the swirling speculation about her whereabouts and sparked a myriad of fan reactions. However, some onlookers have observed an entirely new dynamic.

Prince William and Princess Catherine as seen in an Instagram post dated March 11, 2024 | Source:

Yet, the sighting also revived uneasy comparisons to a tumultuous period in royal history, with one fan commenting it was “reminiscent of Charles and Di at the end.” Others voiced concern, suggesting “Will is mad with her!” and that it “reminds me of the pictures of his parents during their last year together,” with the prevailing sentiment being that they appeared “so unhappy.”