Princess Catherine Does Not Wear Her Engagement and Wedding Rings in New Family Photo

Eagle-eyed social media users noticed pertinent pieces of jewelry missing from Princess Catherine’s hand in a charming new Instagram post featuring the royal family. Many have expressed concern and curiosity over the absence of her treasured engagement and wedding rings.

In a recent heartwarming family photo shared to the Prince and Princess of Wales’ Instagram account after the Princess’s abdominal surgery, royal enthusiasts quickly noticed an unusual detail. The candid snapshot, which featured Princess Catherine surrounded by her three children, Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte, and Prince George, caught the attention of many with their radiant smiles.

A close-up of Princess Catherine's left hand posted on March 10, 2024 | Source: Instagram/princeandprincessofwales

Captured in an idyllic outdoor setting, the photo depicts a moment of familial bliss, with Prince Louis standing to his mother’s right, Princess Charlotte perched on the chair’s arm next to her, and Prince George lovingly hugging her from behind. However, the absence of Princess Catherine’s iconic rings sparked a flurry of concern and speculation among followers.

A close-up of Princess Catherine's right hand posted on March 10, 2024 | Source: Instagram/princeandprincessofwales

Social media users—ever attentive to detail—voiced their observations and worries in the comment section of the Instagram post. “Where’s your ring Kate??? 💍👀👀”, one user questioned, while another speculated, “This photo was taken before Kate went missing and Kate looks like a single mom with no wedding ring in skinny jeans. It is forbidden to wear tight clothes after abdominal surgery.”