Man Transformed a Rundown Public Toilet and Turned Everyone’s Heads With the Final Results

My husband was sick and tired of the old, miserable toilet in our dacha and changed it beyond recognition!  No one believed he could do it, but he showed the final results and left people speechless!  See the amazing transformation in this article! 👇

It is essential that people have all the communications and utilities in their homes and dachas, including running water, gas, and electricity. Today’s article is about a family who bought a small dacha with a small garden, a summer kitchen, and a horrible toilet, which made it even more scary to enter.

The husband got sick and tired of it and determined to change it beyond recognition. Even if it was outside again, its appearance made the area more welcoming.

The base of the toilet was built from boards and blocks, which they then painted. The roof is made of tin, which was also painted later. The door is made of plywood and the spouses attached an old door handle to it. The cabinet was also found at home.

Now, the couple rests there more often and finds it a place perfect for family holidays and special occasions. They are no more embarrassed of their previous miserable-looking toilet.