Kimberly Williams-Paisley Appeared without Wedding Ring & Lost Her Voice before 20th Anniversary with Brad

Kimberley Williams-Paisley showed up for an interview without her wedding ring but explained why.

Her husband, Brad Paisley, fell in love when he first saw her, which made Kimberley love him.

The happy couple revealed their secret to a long marriage.

Kimberley Williams-Paisley appeared in the Kelly Clarkson show without her wedding ring or a voice. The actress whispered her way through the interview, explaining why she was having trouble with her vocal cords and why she’s coming up on her 20th anniversary without her wedding ring.

She also spoke about her and her husband’s initiative to help those in need. In 2020, Williams-Paisley and her husband, Brad Paisley, started a non-profit organization aimed at helping people who were having trouble providing food for themselves or their families.

Kimberly Williams at Cipriani's 42nd Street in New York City, on May 14, 2002 | Source: Getty Images

The initiative is named The Store, and it is a “free, referral-based grocery store,” as Williams-Paisley described it. The Store doesn’t charge its customers money and provides them with meal packets as well as funding drives to make certain foodstuffs available to those in need.

Kimberley Shows up Almost Voiceless and without the Ring: She Explains It
Besides promoting her non-profit organization, Williams-Paisley also confessed that she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring for the interview. She explained that she had been wearing it for almost 20 years, but she recently realized that it was scratching her finger.

Williams-Paisley and her husband have a slightly unconventional love story.

When the actress took a closer look at her injured finger, she saw that the ring was damaged after being worn for so long. She joked that a cracked ring is the sign of a lasting marriage. For the show, the actress wore a temporary replacement ring.

She also explained the loss of her voice, saying an influx of stress has left her unable to talk properly. She also told an amusing anecdote about how she met President Biden and the First Lady when her husband was invited to play at a Governor’s Dinner.

She recalled how she arrived, met the President, and shook his wife’s hand. Bear in mind, the actress was highly embarrassed at the loss of her voice while meeting such prestigious people. Luckily, as she shook Jill Biden’s hand, the First Lady said to Williams-Paisley, “I’m sorry, I lost my voice.”

How Paisley Falling For Williams-Paisley Lead To Them Getting Together
Williams-Paisley and her husband have a slightly unconventional love story. Paisley knew he wanted to marry his wife ten years before they even met. The singer fell in love with Williams-Paisley when he watched the film “The Father of the Bride.”

Couples counseling helped Williams-Paisley and her husband to communicate clearly and grow closer as a couple.

Kimberly Williams at Mann Village Theatre in Westwood, California, United States, 2001 | Source: Getty Images

Years later, the country musician knew he had the chance to meet her when he was casting people for his music video for “I’m Gonna Miss Her.” He called up Williams-Paisley’s agent and booked her for the job. He didn’t let the chance to meet her pass him by, and they soon started dating.

Despite Paisley beating the odds by meeting his celebrity crush, the start of their relationship wasn’t as rosy as many would expect. They were from two completely different worlds. Paisley was used to country music and a Nashville lifestyle, while Williams-Paisley came from a highly New-York background.

Nonetheless, they made it work. Before asking his beloved wife to marry him, the two attended couples counseling to work out the kinks in their relationship. Luckily, the counseling was effective, and when Paisley popped the question in 2003, the actress said yes.

Williams-Paisley and Paisley’s Couples Counseling Prior to Marriage and Their Secret to 20 Years Together
Couples counseling helped Williams-Paisley and her husband to communicate clearly and grow closer as a couple. Over the years, they’ve built a happy family, and Paisley shared that they get along by following a few simple rules of thumb:

“I think there’s no secret other than mutual respect and a sense of humor—a sense of humor can get you through so much. I keep trying to pass that along to my kids. When you have kids that you’re raising together, that helps bring you together as well.”

Brad Paisley and Kimberly Williams-Paisley on August 8, 2019 in Los Angeles, California | Source: Getty Images

Paisley shared that they decided on couples counseling specifically because they were both in the entertainment industry, saying, “We figured the odds were against us.” Counseling helped them prepare for the future and develop effective strategies to deal with conflict.