Jennifer Lopez shows off her mesmerizing curves and secretly posts a photo of her lovingly locking lips with Ben, it looks so hot.

Jennifer Lopez has truly showcased her affinity for the yacht lifestyle, unequivocally asserting her natural inclination towards this lavish pastime. At the age of 52, the renowned superstar allowed her bikini-clad figure to take center stage in an array of mesmerizing Instagram snapshots.

These picturesque moments were captured during her opulent European getaway with her partner, Ben Affleck. As the duo embarked on their romantic expedition, affectionately referred to as “Bennifer,” they indulged in unabashed displays of public affection while traversing through the most sought-after vacation destinations across the Atlantic.

It comes as no surprise that their journey unfolded aboard a magnificent $130 million yacht, treating them to unforgettable moments in Italy, St. Tropez, and Monte Carlo.

In a series of fresh Instagram photos captured during her extravagant European getaway with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez flaunted her stunning physique in a vibrant yellow bikini.

The talented singer and actress appeared incredibly fit and youthful as she struck a pose on the luxurious yacht she had chartered for their summer vacation.

While perched on the back deck, JLo showcased her flawlessly toned stomach and renowned derrière, effortlessly exuding beauty and confidence. Her honey-colored hair, kissed by the salt of the ocean, gracefully blew in the gentle breeze as she sported a pair of her iconic lightly tinted sunglasses.

“Greetings,” she casually wrote as the caption for her social media post, accompanying it with a cheerful yellow heart emoji to complement her vibrant swimwear. In another photo, Jennifer, known as Jenny from the Block, turned her body towards the camera, highlighting her sun-kissed skin against the yellow bikini she was wearing.

The bikini was from one of her preferred swimwear brands, Frankies Bikinis. For this particular trip, Jennifer chose the brand’s Binx bikini in the shade of lemonade.

This particular style featured a racer-back triangle top and a revealing thong bottom, which sat high on her well-toned hips. Once again, she simply wrote “Greetings” as the caption for her social media post, including a yellow heart emoji to perfectly match her lively swimwear.

Jen and Ben, who have recently rekindled their romance, have been quite open about displaying their affection in public while enjoying their vacation. They were spotted in Capri, happily smiling and engaging in conversation as they explored the surroundings, affectionately holding hands.

Later, they made a detour to the lavish destination of Monte Carlo, where the renowned actor, aged 48, indulged in some gambling at the casino. According to reports, he spent several hours at the table, dressed impeccably in a suave black suit resembling that of a 007 agent, paired with a crisp white shirt.

Embracing the Luxurious Life: Recently, the duo was seen making a glamorous detour to the opulent Monte Carlo, as Ben indulged in some thrilling gambling sessions at the renowned tables.

Since their arrival in the captivating French Riviera via a lavish private jet, their enjoyment has been ceaseless. Once they disembarked from the aircraft, the couple was swiftly transported to their elegant yacht, Valerie, where they shared tender kisses and affectionate embraces on the sun-drenched deck.

Interestingly, there was a close call in St-Tropez on Tuesday when Jen’s former fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, coincidentally appeared to celebrate his 46th birthday. Although ARod and his companions were spotted effortlessly maneuvering jet skis near Ben and Jen’s majestic vessel, fate seemed to ensure that their paths did not intersect.

How wonderful it must be for the couple! They arrived at the French Riviera in style, aboard their luxurious private jet. From there, they were swiftly transported to their lavish yacht called Valerie, located in the Mediterranean.

On the sun deck of their opulent vessel, the couple were spotted exchanging kisses and affectionate embraces, truly savoring their romantic getaway. Bennifer wasted no time in setting sail for Italy, continuing their extravagant journey across the Mediterranean.

Enjoying a delightful evening together, their passionate display of affection was evident during a romantic dinner at a local restaurant. When not exploring the beautiful Italian landscapes, the couple have been indulging in the comforts of Jen’s rented yacht, a magnificent 85-meter vessel that was meticulously crafted by Lürssen in 2011.

Following an extensive refurbishment in 2019, it now boasts nine exquisitely furnished cabins, accommodating up to 17 guests. With a crew of 27, there is no shortage of attentive staff to cater to their every need.

She’s absolutely luxurious: The colossal ship has a rumored value of $130 million and can comfortably accommodate 17 individuals in nine beautifully designed rooms, with enough space for a crew of 27.

According to Boat International, the Valerie offers seven bedrooms across six decks for passengers to enjoy during their journey. The ship’s wellness theme is evident throughout, with amenities such as a steam room and a beautifully decorated Hamman adorned with mosaics.

Additionally, there are massage rooms and areas dedicated to beauty treatments. One of the decks features a gym with a stunning panoramic view of the ocean, which opens up to an outdoor space perfect for dining. At night, a fountain on the deck illuminates, creating a magical atmosphere.

The Valerie is equipped with an elevator that services all six decks, as well as a spacious 20-foot-long pool and a Jacuzzi located among its five outdoor spaces.

In 2003, Ben and Jennifer were originally planning to get married, but they decided to postpone their wedding and eventually ended their relationship. However, fate brought them back together a few months ago after Jennifer’s breakup with Alex Rodriguez in April 2021, whom she had been dating for four years. Although they had been quietly dating for some time, the couple finally made their relationship public this week by making it “Instagram official” to Jennifer’s massive following of 168 million fans. Jennifer shared a series of photos on a yacht, showcasing her bikini-clad moments, and sneakily included a romantic snap of herself and Ben sharing a passionate kiss.

Bennifer makes a comeback: Although they had been dating privately for some time, the couple recently decided to go public. Jennifer Lopez shared a passionate kiss with Ben Affleck on Instagram, announcing their relationship to her 168 million followers. According to a recent source, the new couple is enjoying their time together. They celebrated Jennifer’s birthday at a club, where she looked stunning and incredibly happy. While Jennifer is fully committed to Ben, she is not rushing into an engagement or marriage. The source explained that they are dedicated to each other and are blending their lives and families. However, getting engaged or married is not a priority for them at the moment. Ben has three children, Violet (15), Seraphina (12), and Samuel (9), from his previous marriage with Jennifer Garner. Jennifer, on the other hand, has 13-year-old twins, Emme and Max, from her past relationship with Marc Anthony.

According to a reliable insider, it was revealed that the couple is completely devoted to one another. They have seamlessly integrated their lives and families, and currently have no urgency to become engaged or exchange vows.