It’s sad to see this! 60-year-old Tom Cruise worried all his fans with his aged appearance

«Time doesn’t make anyone better, even plastic is powerless!»🥴Fans can’t believe their eyes seeing how once heartthrob Tom became unrecognizable😬😳Just see him in the article⬇️⬇️⬇️

Tom Cruise has always won the hearts of millions of women with his good looks. But in recent years, the 60-year-old artist has changed significantly. Cruise’s fans believed that even plastic surgery couldn’t help him.

«What a handsome man!», «Time ignores no one», «We all get old and that’s normal», «How he has changed!», «Plastic is no longer powerless», Internet users wrote.

You can see from his face that he has aged a lot, his appearance has changed dramatically. What do you think of his appearance? Share with us in the comments section.