Her Son Became Her Daughter! Lee Curtis Showed Her Heir And Caused Controversy Among The Fans

Do you still remember her son as Thomas? 🤔 Now, he is Ruby! 😉 The American actress shared an exclusive photo of her changed son and caused a stir! 😲😬For more – see the article! 👇

Lately, the outstanding and acclaimed American actress has expressed her pride in her heiress, Ruby. The whole thing is that she used to be a man named Thomas but the self-discovery journey made her take another path and change everything to the roots.

It was hard for her to make the decision to undergo a serious and life-changing operation. Though Curtis continues expressing her unwavering support to her son’s transformation, far not everyone liked that. It soon resulted in mixed reactions.

Some were quick to question her decision. However, the majority strongly held the opinion that it was completely up to her as this is her life.

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