Heartbreaking Revelation from Bruce Willis’ Wife

Heartbreaking Revelation from Bruce Willis’ Wife: He Might Not Even Be Aware Of

Emma Willis, the spouse of renowned actor Bruce Willis, recently appeared on ‘The Today Show’ to discuss the challenges they are facing following Bruce Willis’s diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia.

Bruce Willis was diagnosed earlier this year, and Emma Willis expressed uncertainty about his level of awareness regarding his condition. When asked by ‘The Today Show’ host Hoda Kotb if Bruce Willis is aware of his ailment, Emma Willis acknowledged the difficulties associated with dementia, saying, “Dealing with dementia is an incredibly challenging experience.” She further emphasized that the impact of the diagnosis extends beyond the individual and affects the entire family, stating, “When they say it’s a family disease, it’s absolutely true.”

In August, Emma Willis shared a poignant video on Instagram, opening up about her journey as a caregiver for her spouse since his diagnosis. She candidly expressed the importance of combating burdensome and gloomy thoughts, despite the challenges they face. In the heartfelt video, she stated, “Every day, I consciously strive to live the best life possible.”

Emma Willis and her spouse, who got married in 2009, have two children together: Mabel, aged 11, and Evelyn, aged 9. As the primary caregiver since the diagnosis, Emma Willis’s recent statements have shed light on the emotional toll it has taken on the entire family. The complete interview can be viewed in the provided video below.