Fans Amazed by Linda Purl’s Legs at 68 as She Poses in Swimsuit During Trip With Boyfriend Patrick Duffy, 74

Linda Purl has recently garnered many compliments on her legs. Fans praised the star, who was posing in a swimsuit amid a trip with her boyfriend and fellow beloved actor Patrick Duffy.

“Happy Days” star Linda Purl, 68, set Instagram ablaze with the recent pictures she posted of herself enjoying a day at the beach. In one of the images, Purl stood on a rock while facing the ocean with her hands up in the air.

She adorned a purple swimsuit top and turquoise bottoms, leaving her lovely legs on full display. The photo is one of many pictures Purl shared on her social media account during her dreamy getaway with “Dallas” star Patrick Duffy, 74.

When the public saw Purl’s post, many swooned over her appearance, especially where her legs were concerned. One fan gushed“Great legs, especially for your age ❣️❣️.” Another praised“Great legs, period. No one looking at you could possibly care what age [you are]; simply a beautiful woman!”

Someone else, who was enthralled with her beauty, said“You look like Marilyn Monroe!!!!” Another Instagrammer expressed“Wow 😍🔥👏 crush!”

Before embarking on their romantic vacation and prior to finding love, Duffy and Purl had been friends who were in the same social circles for years. Their romantic connection then started during the pandemic after texting, calling, and video chatting for some time.

“Our lifestyles make us very compatible in almost every conceivable way. In the kitchen, the way we cook, the way we clean, the way we function together as individuals,” Duffy said of their relationship.

Cooking has been a big part of Purl and Duffy’s relationship. Duffy previously said that when they had gotten together, they cooked dinner for their date. The couple has gone on to start a food business venture together called “Duffy’s Dough.”

Discovering love again after his beloved wife passed away from cancer was something Patrick Duffy never thought would happen to him until he found Linda Purl.

As previously reported by the doting boyfriend himself, they have never been apart since the day he decided to get in his car and drive 20 hours to see her after virtually communicating back and forth.