Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds Call Off Engagement: Navigating Friendship After Eight Years Together

They Ended Their Engagement with Love in Their Hearts

Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds announced on Instagram that they are no longer engaged. In a joint statement, they explained that they have decided to move forward as friends, with love and respect for each other. They asked for prayers during this transition and expressed gratitude for the support they’ve received over the years.

Deion commented, praising Tracey and calling her a blessing. The couple, both 56 years old, first met in 2012 at a movie premiere party. Despite initially just discussing a reality series, they ended up dating and managing a long-distance relationship.

Deion, a football coach, emphasized their busy lives and the understanding they have for each other’s careers. They don’t communicate constantly during the day to give each other space. He spoke highly of Tracey’s achievements, and she mentioned their irregular schedules.

In 2019, Tracey announced their engagement on Valentine’s Day, celebrating their eight years together. They share a commitment to staying real, listening to each other, and keeping love and God in their hearts.

Tracey, CEO of Edmonds Entertainment Group, is a single mom to two sons with musician Babyface. She has established boundaries to protect her children from Hollywood’s challenges. Deion has five children from his previous marriages, and as a father, he combines his love for them with his passion for sports.

Deion’s coaching role at Jackson State and now at Colorado University allows him to work with his sons. The family dynamic shifts when they step on the field, emphasizing the coach-player relationship. After the game, they return to being father and son.