Dad’s genes did their job! What Clooney’s kids look like escapes the attention of nobody

It was 6 years ago that George and Amal Clooney had their twins! The children of the towering actor have already grown up! See their recent exclusive photos in this article!

The American hit series ER brought the drizzling career of George Clooney into a whole new level. This was far not his first work, but the one that definitely made him a renowned, in-demand and towering figures in the industry.

He played in «Batman and Robin» for which he deservedly received 10 million dollars. His charisma, professionalism and excellent acting definitely paid off and are still highly appreciated.

What concerns his personal life, he is married to Amal Clooney with whom the prominent actor welcomed absolutely adorable twins in 2017. The future couple first crossed paths near a lake while they both were having a rest.

At that time, Amal worked in an international trial. Only a few months later the loving couple decided to legalize their relationship. This happened in 2014. The spouses have always done their best to keep their twins out of the public eye.

New exclusive photos of the twins have hit the network, becoming the subject of heated discussions. See how the little twins of thr actor appear now!