Completely different people! Here is what this unique couple looks like now, which people was talking about

«10 years later they surprise the world again!»😲There’s no denying that they looked unusual during the wedding but now everything has changed😳🥰Just look at them now in the article⬇️⬇️⬇️

10 years have passed since this strange couple got married. Then the whole country talked about this couple. Having looked at their photos, we cannot deny the fact that they looked very unusual and unique.

There are several photos taken during their wedding and when they appeared on social networks everyone began to discuss the newlyweds. They criticized them for such a strange appearance.

The bride’s almost bald head caused a sensation all over the Internet, despite the fact that the groom had long hair. Years passed and two children were born in the family and the parents changed. The only noticeable difference was my husband’s long hairstyle.

Now the wife dresses in feminine clothes and looks like ordinary women. Of course, I wonder what children think when they look at old photos of their parents. And in general, when did the children learn about such a strange past of their parents?

We wish this unique family the best. Now all the fans are praising them for all the changes and their looks. What do you think about this?