Cher before surgeries: This is how the well-known singer looked before she brought her appearance to perfection

According to WMJ, iconic Cher underwent rhinoplasty and abdominal liposuction

The majority of the fans of the iconic, well-known and successful American-Armenian singer know her after she already gained recognition, while only few have seen her before she underwent all the plastic surgeries bringing her appearance to perfection.

The outstanding singer’s real name is Sherilyn Sarkisian and she daringly admits having undergone a number of operations in order to achieve desirable appearance. Many strongly hold the opinion that the singer looked totally unrecognizable before she has undergone all the beauty procedures.

According to WMJ, iconic Cher has undergone abdominal liposuction, rhinoplasty as well as many circumferential lifts.

As the legendary musician admits, surgeries help her look the way she actually feels inside.