Charlize Theron, 48, Bares Some Skin in See-through & Backless Dress, Earning Mixed Reactions from Fans

In a bold fashion statement, Theron donned a glittering black sheer ensemble that turned heads and sparked discussions. The racerback dress with ruffle detail by the waist played a delicate game of reveal and conceal with its see-through material over the actress’ black underwear.

Keeping her ensemble as the main attraction, Theron styled her hair in a neat bun, complementing the daring outfit with a touch of elegance.

As photos of her from the event found their way to social media, reactions from the public were mixed. Some expressed disappointment, with comments like, “You look great but this clothes is awful [sic]” and “Not a good choice.”

Another user highlighted the divide in public opinion on Theron’s wardrobe selection for the night. “Not her best look, but she is still a lovely looking woman and very talented,” the person wrote.

Charlize Theron at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, dated March 2024 | Source: Facebook/CharlizeTheron

Amidst the critiques, some praised the actress, admiring her unapologetic style. Enthusiastic admirers shared their thoughts, such as, “You look so great on every pics are there any bad ones [sic]?” and “ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.”

Others labeled her the “Hottest” and a “Real doll,” with one fan admiringly stating, “This woman is absolutely stunning gorgeous.” Another comment read, “This woman is simple awesome, great commitment to acting, producing, and social help. I would like to get to know her in person [sic].”

Meanwhile, during the actual Oscar awards night, Theron changed into an elegant silver silk gown which highlighted her fit physique and gorgeous frame.

Having been a constant fixture in the public eye for many years, Theron is no stranger to criticism, especially regarding her fashion choices. Yet, she harbors no regrets about her past style decisions.

In a candid conversation, Theron shared, “I feel like there shouldn’t be any faux pas. I really feel like if you just go by how you feel and how much you love it, then it’s not a faux pas.” This philosophy has led her to embrace her unique sense of style, regardless of public opinion.

Acknowledging that not everyone might appreciate her fashion sensibilities, Theron remarked, “I mean, there are a lot of dresses that I know people didn’t like, but I’m like, I looked at myself in the mirror that night and I was feeling myself.”

Charlize Theron at the Oscars, dated March 2024 | Source: Instagram/CharlizeAfrica

Theron’s commitment to her appearance extends beyond the red carpet. She adapts her look for various film roles but maintains a boundary when it comes to physical transformations, stating she would never gain too much weight for a role as “you can’t take it off.”

The actress also shared her thoughts on aging, a process that, for her, is uniquely public due to her career. “My face is changing, and I love that my face is changing and aging,” Theron expressed, addressing the speculation and rumors about potential plastic surgery head-on.

She criticized the double standards surrounding aging for men and women, advocating for a more empathetic approach to individual aging processes.

To stay young, fit, and beautiful, Theron follows a disciplined regimen that includes a calculated balance of activity and diet, favoring plant-based raw foods and developing a recent passion for Pilates. She also emphasizes the importance of exercise to her children, framing it as a commitment to her health and longevity.

Recently, Theron showcased the result of her hard work as she sported a black mesh dress. Charlize Theron set the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” show stage ablaze when she recently appeared as a guest judge. Theron stunned in a chic thigh-length black dress that was mesh in form and accentuated her svelt physique.

Michelle Visage, RuPaul Charles, Charlize Theron, and Carson Kressley on the main stage of "RuPaul's Drag Race" posted on January 6, 2023 | Source: Instagram/charlizeafrica

The “Monster” star accessorized her lovely look with black ankle boots and leather gloves that stopped midway on her arms. Standing alongside Theron in one of the pictures she posted on her Instagram were fellow judges Michelle Visage and Carson Kressley and show host and mogul RuPaul Charles.

When Theron’s admirers saw the photos, they could not stop gushing over how “pretty” she looked and complimented her outfit choice. One fan swooned, “Stunning and slaying as always Charlize!” Another stated, “Babe you rock!!”

To many, Theron’s beauty and enviable figure may look effortless, but the actress has previously explained the fitness routine and positive mindset she enlists to get there. She disclosed, “I’m always calculating my activity. If I haven’t been moving a lot, I can’t eat a lot. Or maybe it’s a cheat day. But I’m honest with myself.”

Even though Theron always brings her A-game to all her event appearances, she also opened up about what she goes through when she gains weight and needs to be dressed by her stylist for something.

Aging also gets factored into the equation regarding her fitness and career, as she divulged, “The thing that really bums me out is that I make action movies now and if I hurt myself, I take way longer to heal than I did in my 20s…Now, if I don’t work out for three days and I go back to the gym, I can’t walk…”

Although she quipped about the strain her body gets put under when she does hectic physical activity as she gets older, Theron embraces aging

Far from being fussed about what some critics have had to say about her changing physicality in the past, citing plastic surgery rumors, Theron, who dispelled those comments, continues living her best life and delights in the change that comes with aging.