Call my daughter «they»! Lopez’s daughter debuts her new short haircut and boyish image

Lopez can’t even raise her eyes out of embarrassment whenever she is with her «daughter»!😬 Cameras secretly captured the confused star next to her heiress who refuses to be a girl! 🧐😮 Emme was spotted with a short haircut and in boyish clothes whose recent photos you can find in this article! 👇

It was back in 2008 that she welcomed twins together with her ex-husband M. Anthony. 15 years have passed and the life and appearance of her children never cease to be the center of attention. People pay much more attention to teen Emme.

The whole thing is that the girl’s choice often falls on boyish outfits consisting of loose T-shirts, shorts and caps. She has also got a new haircut which signals that she is currently in her self-discovery journey. Just imagine the fans’ surprise when Lopez asked to call Emme «they», not «she»!

«Where are mom’s genes?», «The world has turned upside down», «Wait a little and you will see her completely different!», «Envy silently! She is lucky enough to have a choice», «What is going on with the kids of our generation?».