Bruce Willis having a rough time as Demi Moore moves next to him until the very end

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

Demi Moore is not willing to let her ex husband on his own, especially during this challenging time in his life. Bruce Willis‘ health has increasingly declined as the days go by amid his fronto temporal dementia diagnosis. A recent report confirms that his ex wife decided to move in right next to his home with her entire family in order to help the love of her life.

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Demi Moore reportedly moves next to Bruce Willis’ home

According to the biggest entertainment news outlets, it has been revealed that actress Demi Moore decided to move right next to Bruce Willis‘ home. They also claim that this occurred suddenly in rder to make the final moments of her ex husband on this earth as smooth as possible. They also report that Demi Moore decided to be next to her ex husband until teh very end of his life.

Any dementia diagnosisis impossible to cure, but the one Bruce Willis suffers is one of the most serious. Fronto temporal dementia attacks the frontal and temporal lobes in the human brain and the main consequence is that it attacks the patient’s language capabilities, their memory and it affects the personality as well.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis were married from 1987 to 1998 until they announced their divorce. During that period of time, they had three daughters who are adults now. They never revealed the reason they split but they have still kept contact throughout the years. Now that Bruce is suffering from this illness, the few memories he does keep are those of his better days spent next to Demi Moore.