All Ages are Submissive to Love”: 86-year-old American woman decided to become a bride once again

“All ages are submissive to love”…. you have probably heard this more than once. Our today’s heroine decided to prove this truth with her example.

Millie Taylor-Morrison is 86 years old. However, the woman wasn’t afraid to play the bride’s role again. Her spouse is a year younger than her.

Only closest to them people were invited to the wedding. The couple decided to celebrate this important day with their relatives without pomposity. Millie looked amazing! Those present admired her wedding outfit which, by the way, she had designed herself.

The American woman used to be a model. I guess you will agree that she hasn’t lost her charm with age.

The bride’s granddaughter posted some photos from the wedding on social media. She mentioned that the grandmother’s image – from the dress to the hairstyle and to makeup – was thought out by her.

“My grandmother had been married to my granddad for 41 years before he died. She found her love again after about 25 years, and our whole family is really happy for her” – wrote the girl.

Millie has known the groom almost all her life. She and Harold were good friends and have always supported each other in difficult times.

By the way, the wedding was held in Verona, New Jersey.

Well, and we wish the new-weds good health and all the best!