Ageing can be beautiful! Pfeiffer celebrated her new milestone by posting honest photos

Pfeiffer ages like a fine wine and shows that even in 60s, it is possible to look amazing! 🫠😍 The actress shared unedited selfies with no makeup and stormed the network! 😲🤭 See her «honest» photos in this article! 👇👇👇

When having a look at 65-year-old M. Pfeiffer, it becomes quite clear that time is merciless for far not everyone. The iconic actress shows that ageing can be beautiful by posting «honest» selfies with no makeup and filters.

The outstanding film star immediately got thousands of compliments on her timelessly beautiful appearance. Her followers highly appreciated her honesty and confidence wondering what attributed to her ageless beauty and young look.

Some called her «a woman who doesn’t age», «a beauty icon» and «a witch who has drunk the potion of eternal youth». She serves as the biggest inspiration for millions. Her unchanged beauty and unearthly charm never go unnoticed.