A Badass Performance by Miley Cyrus of This Country Song Honors George Clooney

Miley Cyrus’s father is country music legend Billy Ray Cyrus, which likely contributes to her music’s noticeable country influences. Despite Miley Cyrus’s prominence as a pop artist—popular songs like “Flowers” and “Wrecking Ball”—her music is equally recognized for its pop inspirations.

Perhaps this is why Cyrus’s 2018 performance of “Man of Constant Sorrow,” a country/bluegrass tune, at the American Institute was so impressive; the video has since gone viral, with over 8 million views.

After receiving the AFI lifetime achievement award, actor George Clooney was honored with a tribute show that included Cyrus’ performance

‘Oh Brother, when Art Thou?’, a film starring George Clooney, featured a moment when the protagonist sings a song that has since gone down in cinematic history as iconic. With her deep, country-tinged vocals, Cyrus brought a new level of intensity and fire to the song, perfectly capturing the scene.

Clooney clapped enthusiastically while smiling broadly as the singer waved to him, and the live audience cheered and whooped once Cyrus ended, so it was evident that everyone else enjoyed it as well. Many spectators have praised Cyrus’s flexibility as a performer, and the performance has also garnered nearly 4000 comments online. An astonished spectator said, “She can really do it all!” they were enthralled by her remarkable talent, unique voice, and boundless imagination.

Just look at Cyrus’s 2019 Glastonbury performance of Dolly Parton’s “Jolene”—a renowned country music song—to hear her live powering it up. As she walks around the stage, adding her own pop-infused touch to a song that is now regarded as a paragon of country music, Cyrus embodies feminine power in her leather trousers, white crop top, high-heeled boots, and heaps of gold jewelry.