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11 years after losing his wife Liam Neeson opens up with heartrending truth about their relationship

The Fourth of July is one of America’s biggest holidays, with celebrations these days including fireworks and parades across the USA.

But while many people excitedly plan a day full of fun and festivities, actor Liam Neeson only feels loss, pain and sorrow leading up to what should be a spectacular holiday.

July 3 is Liam and wife Natasha Richardson’s wedding anniversary.

Long before tragedy ended their 16-year marriage, Natasha Richardson and Liam Neeson shared the kind of love that inspired the Hollywood movies and productions they starred in.

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Liam Neeson will never forget the good times he shared with his late wife. The Northern Ireland-born actor dated Brooke Shields for a short while before meeting his wife, actress Natasha Richardson.

In 1993, the two worked together on the Broadway show Anna Christie, and just as with Mirren, it didn’t take long before they fell for each other.

The couple’s story began when the two performed opposite each other in Anna Christie on Broadway in 1993.

“I’d never had that kind of explosive chemistry situation with an actor or actress,” he said. “We just had this wonderful kind of dance-free dance on stage every night. She and I were like [Fred] Astaire and [Ginger] Rogers.”

Natasha was 29 at the time, and married to producer Robert Fox. That wasn’t enough to stop the romance from blossoming between her and Liam, though. Her marriage was falling apart, and at the same time, she “fell very much in love” with Liam.

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Their chemistry was obvious for everyone present. Luckily for Liam, who was 40 at the time, Natasha’s marriage to Robert was already coming to an end.

When Natasha celebrated her 30th birthday, Liam decided to send her a card from the set of Schindler’s List.

”You’re catching up with me. Lots of love, Oskar.” (Liam played Oskar Schindler in the film.)

But Natasha didn’t find the message as romantic as intended. Instead, she decided it was time to be upfront.

She responded by saying: ”This is like a letter from a buddy. What is our relationship?”