Nicole Kidman Celebrates 17th Anniversary with Spouse Who Made Her an ‘Older’ Mom despite It Being Unlikely

Nicole Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban just celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary.

Kidman fell in love with Urban after a heartbreaking divorce from Tom Cruise.

She was told she would not be able to have children but defied the odds and welcomed her miracle baby.

Multifaceted actress Nicole Kidman and her husband, Keith Urban. recently celebrated their 17th anniversary and commemorated the milestone with a sweet Instagram post.

Kidman shared a romantic photo of her and Urban looking into each other’s eyes and captioned it, “Happy anniversary, my love.”

In addition to being a great husband, the actress posted another picture of Urban in full dad mode, playing with one of their daughters in the water.

The sweet post was a Father’s Day tribute, and Kidman said her husband was the “coolest dad there is” and expressed how much she and their daughters loved and appreciated him.

Before Kidman found love with Urban, she had a long marriage with Tom Cruise, which ended abruptly and brought her a lot of pain.

Nicole Kidman Struggled to Conceive While Married to Tom Cruise
Kidman and Cruise were one of Hollywood’s power couples. The “Top Gun” star cast her for one of his movies, “Days of Thunder,” and Kidman fell in love instantly, “I was totally smitten—I fell madly, passionately in love,” she admitted.

The romantic whirlwind only got stronger from there. The “Big Little Liars” star said they blocked out the world, lived in their little bubble, and became dependent on each other.

Nicole Kidman andTom Cruise in Hollywood in 1993. | Source: Getty Images

Cruise and Kidman got married in 1990, and after ten years, they crushed the hopes of many fans when they announced their divorce. The news came when the couple had just renewed their vows and celebrated a decade of being together.

Two months after celebrating their marriage with friends and family, Cruise sprung the divorce on Kidman. The “The Undoing” star was just as shocked as the fans because everything seemed perfect a few weeks prior. “I thought our life together was perfect,” the actress expressed.

The “Mission: Impossible” actor did not go into detail about the reason behind ending his marriage, but he said, “Nic knows why.

The couple had also survived two miscarriages. Kidman revealed that at the beginning of their union, she suffered an ectopic pregnancy, and towards the end, she miscarried.

Following her ordeals, Kidman was told that her chances of conceiving were slim. The whole experience was traumatic for the actress, but while she tried to wrap her head around two failed pregnancies, the divorce added more stress. “It took me a very long time to heal. It was a shock to my system,” she confessed.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise in Hollywood in 1995. | Source: Getty Images

The actress tried her best to save her marriage, but Cruise did not back down. He filed for divorce in 2001 and shut down any hopes of them working out.

Cruise and Kidman might not have welcomed biological children together, but they adopted two kids. Their daughter Isabella arrived in 1992, and their son, Connor, in 1995.

Nicole Kidman Found Love and Fell Pregnant at 40
Kidman might have been heartbroken, but she was hopeful that things would get better. “What will be will be. It’s in God’s hands,” she expressed. The actress eventually found the happiness she longed for when she and her husband, Urban, met at an event in Los Angeles in 2005.

Kidman described her husband as a caring man who made her feel secure. The two fell in love and have been inseparable ever since. They tied the knot in 2006 in Sydney.

After becoming husband and wife, they started their family in Nashville, which Kidman thought was rural at first. In their first year of marriage, they moved to a farm and lived in a big gray house with a pool, a tennis court, and a movie theatre.

Nashville became a special place when their first daughter Sunday was born in 2008. Falling pregnant with her daughter was life-changing for Kidman, who thought bearing her own children would never be in her cards. “It was a miracle…” the actress believed.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman in Nashville in 2008 | Source: Getty Images

Even though falling pregnant at 40 was not easy for her, Kidman said she was open to speaking about it to let other women with similar experiences know they were not alone.

“Having my baby has been a healing experience,” gushed Kidman. Two years later, the couple expanded their family and welcomed another daughter, Faith, via a surrogate.

Starting a family unlocked different interests for Kidman. When she was not busy shooting movies, she would host weekly playdates with mothers and their children.

Now that her children are growing, Kidman is focused on staying healthy and living longer. Since she had a child a bit older, she explained, “I want to be able to take care of them… That’s a big part of it when you have children when you’re older.”

However, the actress shows no signs of stopping. She is still working hard, making movies, and being ranked as one of the best actors in Hollywood, all while being the best mother and wife she can be.